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With good search engine optimisation, you will save huge marketing euros.


What is search engine optimisation for websites?

Website maintenance

Content optimisation

The content of the website must be of high quality, up-to-date and relevant to the users. Site content should also contain keywords that users use in search engines. Can you guess what the main keyword on this page is?

Optimisation of images

Search engine optimisation of images is a multi-step process, the end result of which is that the images on a website are internally generated so that different search engines understand what the website is about.

Technical optimisation

The technical implementation of the website must be search engine friendly. This means optimising site speed, responsiveness across devices, a clear URL structure and good navigation, among other things.

A complete website solution

Optimising analytics

Monitoring site analytics helps us understand user behaviour and site performance. Analytics can also be used to better optimise your website to meet your users’ needs. This alone makes it clear that optimising a website does not happen all at once.

A good-looking website needs a desing design.

Site links

The links on the site must be of high quality and relevant to other sites. Search engines evaluate the quality and quantity of links to determine the value of a website. The overall structure of the site is also outlined through the links. Internal and external links on the site.

Website optimisation

This page has been carefully optimised for different devices. The site has also been built from the user’s perspective, and optimised for search engines. Our top optimisation includes the main pages of your business. We work hard to help customers find your website and contact your business.


Seo Search Engine Optimisation is a step-by-step process to help your website get good hits in different search engines. When we make a new website for your business, we’ll give you a jump start on ensuring your site is visible in search engines.


Seo stands for search engine optimisation. The search engines we have include. Google, Yandex, Yahoo, Bing... Search engine optimisation takes these into account, including...


Without indexing, search engines will not recognise your site. We use the RankMath add-on for indexing.

Mapping the best keywords

For mapping, we use tools such as. With Google's help, we create an excel table of the best search terms. We pick the keywords that are unique to your site.

Page specific keyword

We do search engine optimisation with a page-specific keyword and a few parallel keywords. This allows us to create the best conditions for search engines to rank your site higher in searches.

Add-ons for search engine optimization

We are installing RankMath pro on the site, which gives us extensive analytics capabilities. We also use models created by NeilPatel for optimisation.

Quality level

By quality level, we mean the markers provided by the add-ons that determine the success of the optimisation. Many individual factors contribute to success.


Websites need to be monitored to ensure that success can be achieved on your company's website. Competition for the top positions is fierce and getting to the front page takes work and time.

Rich results


Is Local Seo - or local search engine optimisation - right for your business?

Yes, we always take into account the specificity of the company and the local dimension. Local SEO is particularly important for companies with close customers. When a customer orders from us we have decided to start local search engine optimisation for all our new customers. It’s one of the hallmarks of a quality service. We want our customers to get the full benefit of our great website.

Is search engine optimisation a permanent solution, or should it be updated?

There are two points of view.

1) It is a permanent solution. At least in the sense that when you initially put the engine in good shape and optimise the site extensively it will carry the website well into the future. Search engine optimisation involves some basic things that should always be done when building a website. But…

2. However, search engine optimisation (SEO) is not a permanent solution, it needs to be constantly updated and improved. Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms and search result rankings, so it is important to keep track of these changes and adapt your website optimisation accordingly.

In addition, the internet and online marketing are evolving rapidly, with new technologies and trends constantly emerging. For example, the use of mobile devices has grown enormously in recent years, which has had a significant impact on search engine optimisation. That’s why it’s important to keep your website search engine optimisation up to date and adapt to new trends and practices.

In addition, competition online is constantly increasing, and competitors can make changes to their sites to get a better ranking in search results. This can affect your site’s ranking in search results and require optimisation efforts to improve it.

Therefore, search engine optimisation is an ongoing effort that requires monitoring and updating to keep your website competitive and visible in search results.

Do you need to buy a new website to do search engine optimisation?

No need, but we will carefully consider which projects we are going to optimize, because many times the systems are very different and often pages may need to be modified significantly to get the best results.

We are currently working for a large Finnish company on search engine optimisation on a performance basis. This particular case was suitable for us, because the service environment is wordpress based and built with the same divi theme as our website.

Do you do results-based search engine optimisation?

Yes, we do. We think that’s where performance speaks for itself. We take a base price, after which a performance fee is paid on results. We first look at the case and then define the indicators and outcomes we want to achieve.

A performance-based contract is always at least 6 months long. We are working hard to achieve the targets we have set. Search engine optimisation of a website is a time-consuming process, and the results are delayed.

How much does search engine optimisation cost?

When you buy a new website for your business from us. We perform extensive search engine optimisation for new websites on 3 to 5 main pages. It’s part of our service, and it won’t cost you any more.

If you want to continue to develop your website with us, including search engine optimization, our pricing starts from 100 euros per month upwards. In this context, we agree on common objectives for optimisation and set the price and performance accordingly.

Common ground rules and areas of work are important in developing a website that is visible and functional. If the entrepreneur is self-motivated and wants to participate in the development and work on the website, the opportunities are huge. If the service is purchased in full from an external company, the process is expensive.

Are you cheap or expensive in your work?

After comparing different services, I can honestly say that we are very competitive in terms of quality-price ratio. Even the optimisation of the basic pages, which is done in the context of new websites, is more extensive than the competitors we know. But this comparison is, of course, best done by you.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website in search results through search engines. Search engine optimisation can be used to try to improve the traffic on your website and thus attract more potential customers and users to your site. Seo search engine optimisation is a continuation of conversion optimisation. But maybe more on that later.

There are two main areas of SEO: on-page optimisation and off-page optimisation. On-page optimisation optimises the content, structure and code of a website to meet search engine requirements. Content is optimised through the use of key search terms and proper positioning, while site structure is improved through internal linking and URL structure, among other things. Code optimisation includes improving site speed and ensuring mobile-friendliness, for example.

Off-page optimisation, on the other hand, focuses on factors external to the website, such as external backlinks, social media activity and other online advertising. Backlinks are important because they show that the website is recommended on other websites. Social media activities include sharing content on social media and engaging with your followers.

SEO is an ongoing process of monitoring and analysing website traffic and search results. Based on this, changes and improvements can be made to keep the website up to date with the changing requirements of search engines.

Overall, SEO is an important part of website development and marketing. A well-optimised website improves the discoverability of your site, attracts more visitors and helps improve your website’s business.

The cost of SEO can vary considerably depending on the range of services you want to buy and the type of website you want to optimise. Some companies may offer basic SEO services for a few hundred euros per month, while others may charge several thousand euros per month for more comprehensive services.

Most SEO companies charge a monthly fee based on the number of hours spent and the scope of services provided. The time spent can vary greatly depending on the services offered by the company. Basic SEO services may include keyword research, technical auditing of your website, content strategy development and reporting, while more comprehensive services may include link acquisition, competitor analysis and even search engine marketing.

It is also important to note that the cost of SEO services also depends on the size and complexity of the website. Larger sites, with many different pages and content, require more work and resources than smaller sites.

Want to learn how to do good search engine optimisation?

You can make a big difference to the visibility of your website. Often things are learned by making mistakes. However, it makes it easier if you get the best tools and teachers for you from the start. In many cases, it’s worthwhile for a fledgling entrepreneur to at least some extent to look into, for example, how to increase search engine visibility. You can see where you might need help and what you might be better off doing yourself. We use the RANK-MATH PRO add-on for our website projects, which is subject to a fee. There are many good tutorials in the supplement and you can start learning about search engine optimisation with the following video. When you order a new website from us, we will install this great add-on with its extensive features for you to use.