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Restaurants and Grills – Online ordering system

Restaurant online ordering system info

Looking for a functional, cost-effective online restaurant ordering system?

Sell your portions online already

We do not charge any brokerage fees. What you sell is what you get! No worries even if your sale is between 1000€ – 10 000€ no commission.

Installation + 10€/month basic version

The restaurant’s subscription system is on a monthly basis. Its basic version costs €10/month. See below what you get with it!

Restaurant ordering system app

Sales optimised websites

Customers appreciate ease of use and findability. We add direct MENU and ORDER activations to the site, and if your business needs to RESERVE a PLEASURE, it can be easily done through your website/mobile.


Of course, it’s nice to have a website that looks good on all devices. But design alone is not enough to get customers to find and buy your services.

Try the subscription system function on a working customer page.

Restaurant subscription system basic version 10€/month

Facebook smart links

These links allow your customers to order directly from your Facebook business page, while they see your active offers!

Mobile ordering & Food app

Our online subscription also works on mobile devices. Your customers can order conveniently from anywhere. NOT THE COMMISSION!

Table reservations

“Table Reservations” buttons on your website so that customers can easily book a table in advance.

Real early order

We keep your customer engaged by checking the order and showing you the order confirmation in real time.

Pre-order - as part of your table reservation

When this feature is enabled, customers can order food in advance when making a reservation.

Holiday mode

Put one or more services on hold immediately (i.e. delivery or collection), for a short period or even change your service hours during holidays, national holidays…

Placed orders

Let your customers order now and schedule a specific delivery time for pick-up or delivery. This allows you to receive orders 24/7 and get orders while you sleep!

Detailed reports

Make business decisions based on the essential information in the reporting dashboard.

Promo offers!

Define almost any promologic you can think of. Now it’s time to run the promo you’ve always wanted.

First-time offers

Convert these website visits into subscriptions. Make a deal by offering a discount on your first purchase.

OFF-line brochures

Advertise your website successfully and drive new and existing customers to order online with our quick-fill generator.

Send invitations

Do you have a few customers who have not yet tried online ordering? Bring them in right away and ask them to order online to boost your restaurant’s sales.

Business optimisation

Use our online health tool alongside our optimisation scanner to ensure your restaurant website is always optimised in Google for maximum search (i.e. sales) results.

Google analysis

Get step-by-step recommendations to optimise your Google business data and make sure your customers can order from you online.

Receipts desk

Tailor your restaurant tastes to your customers. You can even advertise your offers at the same time.

My delivery area

No matter how big or small. With our delivery configuration tool, you can simply draw a service area and adjust it later according to your company’s needs.

Worth noting

When you want an Online Subscription System and/or website for your business, choose us

We are available

Completing the website on time is important to us. Contact will be agreed at the time of the conclusion of the contract. The least you can do is reach us by leaving a message. Whether it’s a question about website operations or updates.

Entrepreneur-friendly pricing

If we say the price is 500€ then that’s it. You know what you’re paying for and what you’re getting for your money. We agree on joint responsibilities when we start work. No hidden costs. Don’t overpay outsiders for your hard work!

Your success is our success

We want to share our best tips and the latest proven methods for your business network solutions. We work for your success.

As a basis for pricing

Restaurant ordering system

Why would you pay up to 30% of the price of your food to food platform services? With our service, those cash flows will start to flow into your own business. Take control of your business with a powerful restaurant ordering system. Do you want to reach, maintain and manage your customers through your website and the web? With our restaurant online ordering system, you can get your business’ customer flow to new heights!

We also install the restaurant system on existing websites.

WP website

  • Mobile first design
  • 3 pages
  • Continuous guarantee
  • Pro-level add-ons
  • Customer optimisation
Portfolio of new company websites

Take a look at our recent website work

The Restaurant Online ordering system will be integrated into the website.

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Restaurant ordering system

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