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An electronic appointment calendar for almost all types of businesses. The appointment calendar will be integrated into the company’s website.


Are you looking for a functional and cost-effective electronic appointment calendar for your website?

Finnish interface, plus several other languages. Our electronic appointment calendar is a versatile and efficient system for larger companies.

Looks great on mobile

The electronic appointment calendar looks great on all devices, and the functionality is top-notch!

Confirm, cancel - appointments

When the customer makes a booking, you will be informed of the reservation, which you confirm to the customer by pressing a button.

Slots for meetings

Let your customers choose the best appointment times for them from your online system. Confirm or reschedule your appointments!

Making an appointment for services

Our easy and practical appointment booking system is suitable for almost any type of business appointment booking environment. Your customers can make reservations 24/7 – even when services are closed.

Electronic appointment calendar now with a great offer!

Watch the video and discover our top offers for your business appointment and event calendar!

A quick and easy way to book an appointment: the electronic appointment calendar

Things happen in the background and your website does the marketing while you and your organisation focus on your core competences. Present your services in a stylish way. Our appointment calendar also helps you maintain your organisation’s employee resources!

What are the features of the electronic appointment calendar?

Listed below are some of the features you get when you order a service from us. Our booking calendar also includes an events calendar, so you get a special advantage with our solution.

Customer first

Making it easy for your customers to decide when to come to your services will have a positive impact on your customer flow.

Google integration

Work items become part of the employees’ own electronic calendar.

Payment methods

You can choose to use different types of payment methods if you wish. STRIPE, PAYPAL, and WOOCOMMERCE. WooCommerce enables almost all payment integrations!


The easy-to-use interface gives you a quick overview of your orders and appointments. Accept or reject, it’s up to you.

Service view

A catalogue-like service view gives a good overview of your company’s services.

Outlook integration

Work items become part of the employees’ own electronic calendar.

Several localities

Does your company have several branches? Manage your site-specific reservations from a single interface.

Employee view

With our appointment calendar, you can see employee-specific or service-specific totals.


Our booking calendar also includes an event view! Customers can sign up for your upcoming events.

Photo gallery

The stunning gallery feature creates a visual identity for your services or events.

Customer and employee panel

Manage services and data through panels. And time is freed up again…

Client card

When customers use the appointment booking system, you will also collect customer data in the register.

An easy-to-use and cost-effective appointment calendar for your business!

We can provide your company with an electronic booking calendar for your website.

The 7 benefits of electronic appointment booking

  1. Easier management and tracking of appointments.
  2. Reduce phone calls and emails.
  3. Better customer experience, as customers can book their own appointments.
  4. Makes it easier and faster to make reservations.
  5. Reduce potential errors in manual appointment booking.
  6. The possibility of providing real-time availability information online.
  7. Harmonise the management of reservations across different channels.

There are other benefits to making appointments electronically. Feel free to contact us and book an appointment or call us directly. You can book an appointment in our booking calendar. From here to the online appointment.


Appointment system as part of the website

We can integrate your appointment calendar into your existing website or build a completely new website at the same time. Our web-based appointment calendar is an efficient and truly cost-competitive system for almost any type of business offering time-based services to customers.

Do you want to reach, maintain and manage your customers through your website?

WP website

Start + booking calendar
200 € + 35 € / month
  • The domain you want
  • 3-5 pages
  • Continuous operating guarantee
  • Hosting
  • Maintenance
  • Quality parts
  • Local Seo-optimisation

Find out more and book your time

By booking an appointment we will call you back. The times in the calendar are examples of functionality, not real-time callback times.

General questions about the appointment calendar

WordPress offers several different appointment and booking systems as plugins that allow you to add an appointment calendar to your website. These add-ons offer a wide range of functionality, including booking page creation, booking creation and management, email reminders and confirmations, payment options and much more. You can choose an add-on according to your needs and budget.

When you buy from us, you get a very high quality component to use, with state-of-the-art functionality to meet most of your growing business needs.


What are the benefits of an electronic appointment calendar?

An electronic appointment calendar offers several advantages, such as the ability to book appointments online 24/7, facilitate scheduling, avoid double bookings, send reminders to clients, and track booked appointments.

How do you ensure there are no double bookings?

The electronic appointment calendar prevents double bookings by ensuring that only one client can book the same appointment at a time. The calendar is also updated in real time, so you can’t rebook booked times.

Is the appointment calendar secure?

The electronic appointment calendar is secure when using a secure connection (HTTPS) and security practices such as encryption and protection of data.

What information is needed from the customer?

In general, the name of the customer, contact information (e.g. email address or phone number), type of service or appointment, date and time are required. In our appointment calendar, you fill in the fields with the information you want.

What kind of websites do you install the appointment calendar on?

We install the appointment calendar on WordPress based websites. You do not need to be a customer of our website to use the appointment calendar for your business.

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