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Online ordering system for a restaurant

Fish kings for restaurant online ordering system

Our client wanted a functional and affordable system to boost their company’s fish sales. The restaurant’s online ordering system serves three purposes with fish kings. It enables seamless pre-ordering, allowing customers to book their meal when they arrive at the restaurant. The website makes it easy to update opening hours and menu listings. Restaurant online ordering system info

After receiving the assignment and sufficient information to start the work, we integrated the system into the website and facebook environment within about a week.

How is an online ordering system useful for a restaurant?

An online restaurant ordering system can be useful in many ways. Here are some examples of how a restaurant can benefit from an online ordering system:

  1. Convenience: customers can order directly from your website or mobile app, making it easier and faster to place an order. This can increase customer satisfaction and help increase your business. Today, the largest subscriber base uses mobile to find services and products for themselves.
  2. Additional sales: the online ordering system allows you to offer additional services, such as delivery, which can increase your business.
  3. Improved productivity: the online ordering system allows you to streamline the ordering process and reduce manual work, which can improve your productivity.
  4. Better data management: the online ordering system allows you to track orders and analyse customer data better, helping you to understand your customers’ needs and increase your business.

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The first step is to make online orders available to customers so that they can be used to increase revenue. Online ordering is still widely available, but not nearly as popular with younger generations who take full advantage of pre-ordering.

In many restaurants, mobile ordering exists on the spot – and sometimes as a standalone app. However, it is important to note that building and maintaining a mobile app, especially for online restaurant sales, can be quite an expensive project. Unless you are a stakeholder in a food chain or a large company, this is probably not the most cost-effective option to make mobile ordering available to your customers. (Source of quote: https: // )

Through our service, the service is available cheaply, quickly and reliably on mobile and as a shared app. The price is installation 200€ + 10€/month – check out the content of our service here. Restaurant ordering system | 2023 (

For a restaurant, an online ordering system increases productivity in many ways.

  1. Saves time: customers can order their food online, saving them the time they would spend queuing or waiting for service. This means restaurant staff can focus on serving other customers and preparing food faster.
  2. More sales: the online ordering system also allows the restaurant to offer home delivery or takeaway, which increases sales and may reach new customers who might not otherwise visit the restaurant.
  3. Reduce errors: the online ordering system allows customers to place their orders clearly and accurately, reducing the risk of errors and making it easier for staff.
  4. Streamline payments: the online ordering system allows customers to pay for their food online, making payments more efficient and saving time.
  5. Provide information: the online ordering system allows the restaurant to collect information on customer orders and preferences, which helps the restaurant to improve its service and offer customers products that meet their needs.

Online ordering system creates efficiency for a restaurant

When you are considering an online ordering system for a restaurant…

Many online ordering systems in the restaurant industry are relatively easy to use and are designed to be easy to use for both customers and restaurant staff.

However, each system has its own features and ways of working, so some may be a little more difficult to use than others.

If you have any questions or problems using the system, I recommend that you contact your system provider or search online for more information and help. Many schemes also offer customer support that can help you solve problems and answer your questions.

We have a subscription system to serve you

Kim Auvinen

Head of Network Operations, Bluepeak Oy

Get to know the layout [restaurant-menu-and-ordering ruid=”3a846a5b-3569-4f46-9846-4d3479697f97″]

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