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Why a blog for entrepreneurs?

After 6 years of being actively involved in business, I have found that writing is often the best way to clarify things. Writing and editing your blog properly will also give others the tools to succeed in business. That’s the first thing to put in your breast pocket – the idea of replicability.

A good entrepreneur is able to replicate his or her skills.

Think if you’re good at something, and you get a fair wage for it – but at the same time your skills are needed more widely. So your skills would be in demand and you could meet someone else’s needs. It could mean a steady stream of income for you from someone else learning from the good work you’ve done. This replicability and the reasonable income it generates is one of the cornerstones of our Bluepeak business. So the question is – how could you scale up?

Successful business values – or at least we strive for the following.

Otherwise, jealousy and fear of losing one’s position is not good for business. The Finnish entrepreneur’s mindset is one of helping, respect and fairness. Of course, these are values and one might think that a good capitalist doesn’t base much on them – but I don’t think money is the only motivator in business. For me, it’s certainly not… Business, and a successful business, is still based on relationships and trust between people. Although many people in Finland are self-employed, I would argue that you can’t make it on your own. What I mean is that an entrepreneur always has a relationship – either with customers or with other entrepreneurs. At the end of this section, I’d like to put a proverb on this entrepreneurial blog:


He who lends to others does not go without.

Would you be interested in writing blog posts or other material for a common platform?

If you are interested in joint entrepreneurship or have a vision for your business, we could be your help, support and partner on the journey. Writing blogs is important when you want to save on marketing costs, and the more quality content you have on your site the better! If you’ve been reading the Entrepreneurs’ Blog so far, stop for a moment and think – what would I like to say about entrepreneurship or what could I have to offer that could be useful to others? If you think so, please contact us!

That’s all for now – here I briefly went through some of the things I think are important when it comes to business. I don’t know if you agree with them, but for me they are values and attitudes that I want to nurture in business. I hope that you will become a follower of our blogs, a client of our company, or even a partner in our company with your own business idea.

If you’re new to entrepreneurship or thinking about it, I’d like to recommend a good site to you in addition to ours. Here’s the website of Finnish entrepreneurs – it’s worth making a note of.

Back to the dish and you can also call me on the numbers displayed on the website. T: Kim

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