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Bluepeak is a cluster company

Päivitetty 9.2.2023

What is a cluster company?

A black berry that looks like a cluster.It is perhaps worth opening up the term cluster before we can get a sense of what a cluster company might be. The definition of a cluster according to wikiwand is as follows. The parts of a cluster of functional objects are usually thought to benefit in some way from their interconnectedness with each other and with the cluster as a whole.” Source:

Perhaps more familiar in Finnish parlance is the term “business clusters”, i.e. regional associations of companies.

Finland has a number of well-known business clusters in different sectors. For example, the SME sector includes. The ICT cluster in the Oulu region and the security business cluster in the Tampere region. There are also several other regional clusters of companies in Finland, for example in the wood processing, bio-industry and forestry sectors.
If you want more information about these, you should google them.

But perhaps this gives you an idea of what I mean by a cluster enterprise. Bluepeak Oy’s mission statement stems from this cluster thinking.

Bluepeak oy – mission statement of the cluster company

Bluepeak oy – A Cluster Company mission statement: ‘We form business units from talented actors within our company.’ As an illustration, this could be outlined as follows.

A cluster enterprise is a form of enterprise that exploits the know-how of the environment

Bluepeak is an administrative enabler for talent, acting as a business platform for mutually supportive businesses.

Secondly, “we will promote the formation of local clusters within these business units.”
In any business, you need to capture local markets and expertise before you can think about a wider profit stream. Cluster thinking is based on networking, and we believe that by finding strong local players, we can bring significant competitive advantage to the region’s actors in a broader perspective.

Benefits and opportunities of a cluster enterprise

We are only at the beginning of our journey, but a successful business model can be built around the idea of a cluster enterprise. Here are the benefits of this kind of business thinking.

  1. Networking opportunities: the business cluster allows companies to network and cooperate with other companies in the region. This can increase their chances of success and help them to grow and develop.
  2. Regional support services: business clusters often have a wealth of regional support services and advice to help businesses grow and develop.
  3. Community spirit: in a business cluster, cooperation between companies is often active and there is a good spirit of community. This can increase their chances of success and help them to grow and develop.
  4. Regional attractiveness: business clusters can make a region more attractive and attractive to other businesses and residents. This can increase the vitality and employment in the region.
  5. Intra-firm synergy advantage: a cluster company benefits from the combined resources that its business units and the people working in them bring.
  6. New innovations and encouragement: networking and like-mindedness create the conditions for controlled risk-taking.

Building a business model around the idea of a business cluster can therefore be an effective way to create a successful business and increase the competitiveness of a region. Here are a few more economic aspects that we thought we could exploit.

Cluster savings in business

At least 4 savings and costs that the cluster will bring.
Business clusters can bring many savings and cost-efficiencies to the companies and regions that operate in them. Examples of the savings and cost efficiencies that business clusters can bring include:

  1. Procurement savings: in a business cluster, companies can cooperate on procurement and get reduced prices for raw materials or supplies, for example.
  2. Savings on marketing and advertising: in a business cluster, companies can cooperate on marketing and advertising and share costs, for example on trade fair participation or advertising space.
  3. Sharing research and development costs: in a business cluster, companies can cooperate on research and development and share costs, which can increase their competitiveness.
  4. Personnel cost savings: in a cluster, companies can cooperate in training and recruiting staff and share costs, which can increase their competitiveness.
    These are just a few examples of the savings and cost efficiencies that can be made in a cluster.

A black berry that looks like a cluster.Our cluster business now 1/2023

  1. Online business
  2. Start-ups Support business
  3. Beauty treatment – laser hair removal

We are currently in the early stages of our business. Our business is developing most strongly in the online business at the moment. We believe we can offer a complete package of network solutions for the customer. You can find out more about our website solutions – here WEBSITE SOLUTIONS

In the future, we hope to develop more and more on the Hosting side for our customers and our goal is to offer our hosted hosting systems in Microsoft Azure / Google Cloud style server environments. It creates the conditions for evolving and expanding network solutions. So if you have skills in this area, you might even be interested in becoming a partner in the network solutions business.

We also offer business services for start-up entrepreneurs who need support and advice to avoid the biggest pitfalls and get off to a good start in business. We are currently developing a START UP package for business, which is an excellent value for money, as well as being a business start-up support package.

The third sector in which we are making progress is beauty treatment and soon we will be opening a laser treatment in the Helsinki area. The site is under construction and should be ready in spring 2023. You can find it here.

Welcome to join us on our journey. You can join our cluster as a customer, partner (knowledge/skill or business owner), or collaborator. We’ll sort these out in future blogs, once we figure it all out for ourselves :). Entrepreneurship is about making mistakes, learning and exercising your guts.

CEO of a cluster companyBest regards,

Kim Auvinen Managing Director of Bluepeak oy.


“Tomorrow’s resources are born out of today’s trials.”

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